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Titan Specialty Doors is a full-service specialty door company that provides our customers with innovative design solutions, unparalleled quality, and dedicated service from start to finish. We thrive on tackling complex engineering challenges and finding the right solution for your project. Titan is a leader in providing creative solutions across many industry sectors including government, defense, entertainment, and transportation supplying a comprehensive catalog of Blast doors, Large-Scale Acoustic doors, Concrete Elephant doors, RF/EMI and Radiation Shielded doors, Unique or Complex Hangar doors and Historical Door Preservation and Refurbishment options. 


Our design, manufacturing, and construction experience in unique door systems allow us to guide our customers to the most cost-effective and productive solutions for their projects. We can provide turnkey solutions that include a wide range of services such as preliminary design, coordination with AE, CM and GC, final design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and preventative maintenance.  Our solutions are based on common sense, will save money throughout the lifetime of the building, and offer the highest quality products.

Hangar Door Design
Composite studio door
Munitions building
Bi-parting studio doors
Hangar Door Construction
Munitions Storage Doors
Security Doors
Custom Door Manufacturing
Sliding blast doors
Blast Doors
Anechoic Chambers, X Ray Doors
Personnel Blast Doors
RF Door
Ballistic Doors
Air Plenum Hangar Doors
Sliding Acoustic Door
Filter Doors
Custom Hangar Doors
Blast Hardened hangar doors
Chamber Door

Contact us today to speak with one of our door specialists about how we can put our experience to work for you!

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