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Ballistic Rated Security Doors

Our engineers at Titan Specialty Doors have developed a new line of highly customizable personnel-sized ballistic rated security doors. Popular for military installations where ATFP standards are required, our personnel security doors can be configured to meet the most rigorous ballistic or combination blast/ballistic requirements.

Our line of security doors are designed to be easily integrated into standard door applications. Keep your personnel safe and have peace of mind without sacrificing form or function. These doors have been pre-engineered with a standard hardware set and are certified to withstand up to: UL 752 Level 8 (.30 cal. 7.62 NATO FMJ)

UL752 Ballistic Test Ratings

UL Level list.JPG

Highlights and Features:

  • Pre-engineered designs include a full turn-key assembly

  • Proprietary fortified door leaf and jamb similar to standard hollow metal style frames integrate seamlessly with standard mounting styles.

  • Door Jamb, Door core, and full-length continuous geared hinges, specialty panic bar and/or lever trim have been tested together to create a secure and unified system.

  • Package includes detailed submittal drawings and third-party UL test reports.

  • Additional optional door accessories include perimeter weather seals, door closer, kickplates chosen to match project specified hardware schedule.

Options Offered:

  • Single or bi-parting configurations

  • Left or Right-hand reverse bevel door swing.

  • Standard sizing:

    • Single doors:

      • 3ft wide X 7ft tall

      • 4ft wide X 7ft tall

    • Double Doors

      • 6ft wide, 7ft tall

      • 6ft wide, 8ft tall

      • 8ft wide, 7ft tall

      • Note: Double doors require center mullion or double astragal to maintain ballistic integrity.

  • Custom sizing is available!

If you have a specific hardware schedule to adhere to, please let us know when you request your quote! We would be glad to take a look to determine if the components listed are suitable for your application and function.

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