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Blast-resistant doors are carefully designed and calculated to protect personnel from concussive forces and projectiles produced during an explosive event. The specialists at Titan Specialty Doors have provided custom blast door solutions to a wide range of clients including both the military and private industry - even NASA! We can provide doors to match your US Army Corps of Engineers or Navy-specified plans or design something unique based on your needs. Our blast doors are tailor-made to fit your project's particular specifications and blast requirements.

Contact us today with your project's loading requirements (impulse, rebound, overpressure) and our experienced design engineers can help determine the best product to suit your needs.

Swing Style Blast Doors

Swing Style blast doors are most commonly seen on military earth covered magazines and storage igloos for ammunition containment but can be modified for any application. These are often high capacity applications that require large door openings.

Highlights and Features:

  • Single and Bi-Parting configurations available.

  • Utilizes heavy duty structural steel components and sheeting

  • Insulated for thermal protection

  • Full weather seal package available

  • Standard hardware and locking mechanisms supplied where applicable

  • High Capacity, low maintenance hinges provide easy manual operation even for the largest of doors.

  • Depending on required opening size, door operators can be supplied for automatic operation.

  • Though not mandatory, Titan Specialty Doors prefers to supply all embedded material required to ensure that all components meet specification requirements.

Sliding Blast Doors

Sliding blast doors are an excellent space saving solution for buildings that require exterior blast protection. Similar in concept to a "barn door", sliding blast doors are top hung and require minimal to no embedded floor track layout depending on the level of blast protection required.

Highlights and Options:

  • Designs meet UFC 4-010-01 DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.

  • Compliant with many USACE and NAVFAC standard designs.

  • Meets potential "fail not fall" criteria.

  • Includes all mounting hardware, trolleys, and tracks.

  • Optional canopy for exterior doors

  • Standard hardware provided but can be customized to suit your specific hardware schedule.

Drive Options include:

  • Fully manual: Doors can be pushed by hand without the assistance of an operator. (Note that this option is not recommended for larger door applications)

  • Manual Chain Chain Operator: No electrical connections necessary! This option provides operational assistance via a gear reduced chain drive. Can be implemented on any size door.

  • Electrically driven: Specially designed motor driven system with fail-safe electric safety components. Operate the door with one push of a button! Emergency release push operation also included. Prevents potential crush injuries and increases efficiency of operation.

  • Electrically Driven with manual operation option: Get the best of both worlds! Includes a motor operated drive system with additional gearing and hand pull chain available if manual operation is required. Simply switch the drive gear from one side to the other to change modes. Best for extremely large door applications.

Personnel Blast Resistant Doors

Personnel sized blast doors are one of the most important styles we provide as they directly protect personnel from blast events. Sized like a standard egress door, Titan Specialty Door's personnel blast resistant doors can be designed to withstand heavy duty blast pressure while still maintaining the same functionality as standard exterior exit doors.

Highlights and Features:

  • Typically supplied as out swinging, "Reverse bevel" with blast loads bearing into jamb frame

  • In-swinging options available and require multi-point latching system.

  • Standard egress sizes available:
    Single doors:3ft wide X 7ft tall
    4ft wide X 7ft tall

    Double Doors
    6ft wide, 7ft tall
    6ft wide, 8ft tall
    8ft wide, 7ft tall
    With or without removable mullion
    Note: Door pairs without removable mullion will require additional latching points on the inactive leaf

  • Custom sizes welcome!

  • Standard Weather seal package included

  • Standard hardware package included.

  • Window options available. Please provide any specific glass requirements with your request.

If you have a specific hardware schedule to adhere to, please let us know when you request your quote! We would be glad to take a look to determine if the components listed are suitable for your application and function.

Custom Designed Blast Doors

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