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Custom Hangar Doors

Spanning across industries Titan specialty doors has provided custom turnkey solutions for our military, corporate and commercial customers. Titan Specialty Doors can provide unique hangar door systems for specific applications where a simple sliding door won't do. Examples of these include Air Plenum Swing doors, Blast Hardened Hangar doors, Acoustic Hangar Doors, Shielded and Lead Lined Hangar doors - the only limit is your imagination. 

Air Plenum Doors

Air plenum doors, also known as filter doors are used for both military and commercial industries for aircraft paint booths and corrosion control facilities to allow for a clean uniform air flow to move over an aircraft. These doors hold filters and air pressurization system and a weather tight gasketing system to ensure that no contamination enters the hangar during painting operations.

Highlights and Features:


  • Single and Bi-Parting Swing Style configurations.

    • Include bottom rolling wheel assemblies and custom engineered hinge system.

    • Powered by traction drive.

    • No stacking or wing wall required.

    • Large thickness of doors allows for personnel to gain access into the door to replace and maintain filter banks.

  • Integrated filter system

    • Functions like a standard style hangar door.

    • Integrated louvers and filters in the structure of the door operate independently from doors.

    • Filter arrangement can be customized for specific applications.

    • Great for facilities that perform more than just corrosion control and paint operations.

  • Around-the-corner Style

    • Like the integrated system, function is similar to a standard hangar door.

    • Entire structure is filled with filters for larger facilities where space is at a premium.

    • Doors slide open around a 90 degree curved rail to stand up against inner building wall.

    • No stacking or door pockets necessary.

    • Infill structure can be customized for specific airflow.

    • Filters can be replaced with solid panels to modify and perfect airflow at will.


Blast Hardened Hangar Doors

Blast hardened hangar doors look like your typical sliding hangar door but upon closer inspection, these doors are so much more. Composed of heavy duty structural members and reinforced sheeting to withstand pressures from nearby artillery fire.

Highlights and Features:


  • Design to resist gaseous pressures produced by nearby heavy artillery firing.

  • Can withstand forces twice as high as equivalent wind forces.

  • Electrical components embedded into door structure to protect them from blast pressures.

  • Explosion proof electrical components available.

  • Electrically driven: the Specially designed motor driven system with fail-safe safety components. Operate the door with one push of a button! Emergency release manual operation also included.

  • Functions with bumper system - no cable adjustment or maintenance necessary!

  • Thermally insulated.

  • Standard weather seal package included.


Aperture Doors

Aperture doors extend the versatility of a facility by allowing a large aircrafts access to smaller hangars while still sealing the doors against inclement weather. An aperture door includes leaves with specially designed openings that fit tightly to the fuselage of an aircraft and are sealed with an inflatable bladder. This allows the mechanical components to be enclosed in the hangar for maintenance while the tail end of the plane remains outdoors. Have a smaller aircraft to house instead? Close the manual or electrically operated exterior cover doors over the aperture and you've got the same function as a standard style hangar door.

Highlights and Features:


  • Functions as a standard hangar door

  • Thermally insulated.

  • Standard weather seal package included.

  • Can be designed for single or multiple fuselage body profiles

  • Incorporates the same fail-safe electric safety devices as standard hangar doors.

  • Retrofit and custom new build options are available.

  • Designed with horizontal and vertical movement to ensure aircraft fits securely at multiple positions

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