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Door Services

The experts at Titan Specialty Doors can provide a wide range of door services to help your facility function at its fullest potential. The technicians and engineers at Titan are highly skilled at identifying and repairing a vast range of door types whether it be blast doors, acoustic doors, hangar doors, or historic doors. Below are just a few of the services we offer. Contact us to find out more.

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Engineering Consultation and Inspections

Having a problem with your door system but can't seem to figure out what it is? Let the experts at Titan Specialty Doors get a hands-on look. We can provide onsite consultations, surveys, and in-depth inspections to determine all areas that require improvement or repair.

After all inspections or surveys you will receive a detailed report that will include:

  • A synopsis of intended door function and the current state of operation.

  • List of areas and components that need immediate attention.

  • Recommendations for potential functional upgrades or improvements.

  • Recommendations maintenance procedures that best fit your system.

  • Budgetary pricing for any recommended work.

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Door Maintenance Programs

Titan Specialty Doors has a crew of highly trained technicians that can keep your door working in excellent condition. Our door specialists are familiar with a wide range of different door types and can provide a comprehensive mechanical maintenance program at various intervals based on your door system and facilities needs. Standard maintenance procedures typically include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inspection, gentle cleaning, and lubrication of all rolling assemblies including bottom rolling wheels, top hung trolley systems, and top guide rollers.

  • Inspection and Lubrication of drive systems, motors, and mechanical components.

  • Inspection and tightening the drive chains where necessary.

  • Realignment and adjustment of gear mechanisms where necessary

  • Calibrating/Adjusting limit switches and positioning devices.

  • Inspection of control and safety components

  • Inspection of weather seals, brushes, and bulbs.

  • A final report detailing work completed and recommendations for additional service where necessary.

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Design Services

Titan Specialty Doors utilizes both Solidworks and AutoCad programs to create highly detailed 3D and 2D models and drawings of our most sophisticated door systems down to the last nut and bolt. These programs allow us to pinpoint potential pitfalls, interferences, and installation issues before fabrication to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective design possible. It also allows us to complete accurate structural analysis and gives our customers an easy to understand visual representation of complex assemblies to better understand the challenges at hand and allow for easy coordination. Let us put these resources and our expertise to you use for you on your next project.

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