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RF/EMI & Radiation Shielded Doors

Titan Specialty Doors provides turnkey solutions for various types of large shielded door systems. These include anechoic, PIM, RF Plug, X-Ray, and Radiation shielded doors across the country.


Our engineers are experienced in the design, fabrication and installation process of large-scale anechoic chamber doors that meet or exceed performance level of 100dB at up to 100 GHz.


We supply complete designs including the supporting structure, hydraulic retractable trench system, drive system and all necessary RF seals regardless of the type of shielded door.


Titan Specialty Doors can provide door systems as replacements for your existing facility or as independent sections integrated into your new facility. 


We are also uniquely situated to partner with our affiliate company Titan Shielding to provide total chamber systems to streamline the design and coordination process. Contact us to find out more!




Chamber Doors, Anechoic Chamber, PIM Chamber, Plug Doors, Shielded doors
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