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Large Acoustic Doors

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The engineers of Titan Specialty Doors are the leaders in the "Large Acoustic Studio Door" field with decades of experience designing and installing studio doors across the country. These doors are sought after by architects and studio executives for their high specification acoustical performance and ease of function while spanning large openings. We specialize in two types of large acoustic doors: Concrete Elephant doors and Composite sliding Acoustic Doors .

Concrete Acoustic "Elephant" Doors



Our team has developed a Concrete Sound Stage door that features excellent decibel loss. (STC 45-62). These doors - nicknamed "Elephant doors" for their large openings capable of accommodating the entrance of an actual elephant- incorporate a steel reinforced structure rigid steel frame with a poured-on-site concrete core complete with all mechanical hardware. Our unique sound treatments allow for maximum construction tolerances within the building envelope without sacrificing acoustic performance.



Highlights and Features: 


  • Trusted and reliable, this design has been a standard in the industry for decades. With a Titan twist, this style door is proven to dampen acoustic noise for massive door openings.

  • Easy to maintain with a Titan Maintenance programs.

  • Applicable for interior and exterior doors.

  • Customizable for your particular acoustical requirements and soundstage design.

  • Standard openings are 16ft tall by 16ft wide but any size opening is possible.

  • Standard doors consist of an 8" thick concrete panel with a structural steel frame, reinforcing rebar and bottom rolling wheel assemblies.

  • Sound trap widths vary based upon acoustical requirements.

  • Drive assembly is electrically powered by a geared motor and controlled by a variable frequency drive and program in the control panel to ensure smooth operation and precise movements.

  • Emergency manual operation included.

  • Standard weather seal package included.

  • Standard installation Includes:

    • Survey of wall embeds and finished floor.

      • For most applications, wall embeds can be precast or post-installed.

    • Installation of top guide track assemblies and bottom rail embed.

    • Set up of rigid steel frame and wheel assemblies for the concrete pour.

    • (Procurement and pour of concrete into the door frame and rail trench are typically done by the concrete contractor)

    • Once doors are cured, panels are tilted up into position using a crane.

    • Soundtraps, motor assembly, and accessories installed.



Steel Sliding Acoustic Doors



Steel Acoustic doors are the latest in acoustical door design because of their lightweight structure and modular panel design. These doors consist of a pre-fabricated and insulated steel panels developed over years of experience and testing to promote the best acoustical dampening possible. Once on-site the panels are secured together and hung on a top track structure with low maintenance trollies. A unique combination of seals can produce an acoustical rating of up to STC51 for a standard installation with potential for STC53 on custom solutions.


Highlights and Features:


  • Requested by Studio executives and architects

  • Lightweight design requires less footing support

  • Modular design cuts production and installation costs.

  • Lower cost alternative to the elephant style door.

  • Options include:

    • Top hung from low maintenance trolleys.

    • Bottom rolling similar to elephant style.

  • Standard large assemblies powered by electric motor assembly.

  • Lightweight design can also be adapted for manual operation alone- no electrical connections required!

  • Quick installation

  • Acoustical seals can be customized to fit your application.


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