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Historic Preservation and Door Refurbishment

There has been a great need in the industry for preservation and refurbishment services. As buildings and doors age, so do their mechanical assemblies - Titan Specialty Door is here to help! We offer a number of services to help repair, replace or upgrade damaged or worn items to bring your facility back to perfect working order again. These services can help extend the lifetime of your door regardless of the original manufacturer or type of door.


In addition to repair, we also provide replication and preservation services for historically important landmarks and facilities where keeping the character and aesthetics of a door are just as important as it's function.

  Examples of Refurbishment Services:


  • Replacement of Wheels, Wheel Bearings, Trolleys, Top Guides

  • Upgrade of drive assemblies for better operation and efficiency

  • Retrofit of new drive assemblies onto existing manually operated doors

  • Retrofit of cable systems onto existing manually operating doors to include them in the driven system.

  • Repair or replacement of electrical components that have burned out or ceased functioning

  • Retrofit of new safety devices onto existing doors for additional personnel security

  • Repair or replacement of seals and/or brushes for better thermal performance and weatherproofing.

  • Structural enhancements for new and stricter building codes

  • "Lube and Tune" of existing drive and wheel assemblies.

  • Adjustment, replacement, and repair of hangar door cable systems.

  • Adjustment and repair of acoustical seals.

  • Replacement of deteriorated embedded bottom rail assemblies.

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